Welcome to The Realms of Creation WikiaEdit

Hello and welcome to The Realms of Creation Wiki!

Have you ever watched a show, read a story or just went about your day when suddenly your mind comes up with an incredible idea for your own universe, but you could never find the right place to put it?

Here in this online "sandbox" (or Cosmic Sandbox, if you prefer), you can create whatever you so choose, be it gods, civilizations, planets, diseases or anything else your imagination can think of.

Whether you wish to create your own universe, improve an already created universe on here by editing a post or creating more things for that universe (with that person's permission of course) or simply observe and read what has been created already, as long as you are respectful of each other and the different ideas that will form, while also being passionate about the different things in the different universes that you make or help make, all are welcome here.

So, what are your waiting for? Go forth onto this wiki and create whatever universe your imagination comes up with, for not even the stars beyond the sky are the limit here!


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